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Join the Northeast Alberta Food Marketers Association

Northeast Alberta Food Marketers Association offers you a great opportunity to belong to an association of like minded folks throughout the region that share a passion for food production.

The membership in our organization is currently divided into two great opportunities. In partnership with Community Futures St Paul – Smoky Lake Region we are offering each member access to the Regional Brand License and Membership in one package.

Membership and license is $100.00 per year

Membership Criteria is…

If you:

  • source natural raw materials as locally as possible
  • support local growers whenever possible
  • promote individual and traditional methods wherever possible
  • use local employees
  • have traceability of raw materials where relevant
  • support a regional identity
  • promote the high added value in your product to your customers
  • have high product quality
  • support and/or attend local farmers’ markets or other regional food Events
  • add regional value to your product
then we would be interested in having you become a member.

A member of Northeast Alberta Food Marketers Association will have the following benefits:

  • support towards the Events under the banner of the Northeast Alberta Food Products
  • access to exclusive direct sales events
  • A page on the Northeast Alberta Food Marketers Association website
  • access to promotional materials
  • business advice and support
  • directory of member producers
  • access to free and subsidized training seminars

Northeast Alberta Food Marketers Association wants to promote confidence in members’ products through consistent excellent standards and service through:

  • adhering to all relevant legislation including Food Safety & Hygiene.
  • clear indication where produce is manufactured.
  • clear labelling of produce to including price, weight, ingredients, best before/use by date.
  • indicating membership in NAFMA where appropriate.
  • Projecting a positive and courteous image.

All producers will be visited and audited by Northeast Alberta Food Marketers Association prior to their acceptance of membership to NAFMA.

To join, complete the appropriate application form and License Agreement if full member:

Download the form for
(with license to use brand)

Download PDF

Download the form for
(but not use brand logo)

Download PDF