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Home Made Delights

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D&V Pratch Holdings Ltd.



Nature’s Best is Back

Young Ranch Raised Bison Meat for Sale

D & V Pratch Holdings bison farm is located in the beautiful Lakeland region of Northeast Alberta.

We are proponents of the concept of raising our bison as much as possible in their natural state. By doing this we hope to give our community a healthy choice of quality farm product that is holistically balanced between land, animals, and people. We are currently completing the Alberta Environmental Farm Plan and make environmental decisions so that we may raise these gracious animals with a conscience.

Historically, our grazing lands have supported vast herds of bison, and through the circle of time our bison once again are enjoying the benefits of the very natural and nutritious forage of our pastureland. Our animals are not confined to pens and only low-stress handling techniques are used when working with them.

The animals are processed at a provincially inspected facility a short distance from where they are raised. Products include jerky, sausage, hamburgers, steaks and roasts. Price is by weight hanging on the rail and varies according to market prices at the time of sale. Meat is available all year long, but peak availability is in the fall and winter.

Ranch tours are welcome.

D & V Pratch Holdings Ltd.
Box 434 St. Paul, AB
T0A 3A0


Low Fat – Low Cholesterol
Government/Health Inspected

  • No Growth Hormones
  • No Antibiotics
  • No Vaccines
  • All Natural

Sold by: Pounds , Halves or Whole

The Cheesiry

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Emjay's Prairie Berries

Marvin and Judy Hrudey | 780-365-2426 | hrudey@telusplanet.net


1 mile east and 9 miles north of Andrew
Range Road 163 & Township Road 582 to 582076 & R.R.163 [West side]
Accessible form Pakan and Shandro Bridges via Township 580 Road to
Range Road 163 and turn north for 3 miles [Emjay’s sign on West side]


Started as a hobby in 2000 on 1/2 acre experimenting with non resident fruit varieties and locally grown berries.

The berries survived and thrived while large fruit trees perished in our open prairie environment. Based on our trials, we expanded to 10 acres.and started growing the following:

  • HASKAP (our favorite)
  • Sea Buckthorn
  • High Bush Cranberries
  • Strawberries
  • Nannyberries (coming soon)
  • Black Chokecherries
  • Buffaloberry
  • Saskatoons
  • Nanking Cherries
  • Mongolian Cherries Red Raspberries
  • Evans Cherries(limited success)
  • Yellow Raspberries
  • Dwarf Sour Cherries (purple flesh)
  • Yellow Chokecherries (pale wine)


Fresh picked fruit in season is available at various Northeastern Alberta Farmers’ Markets that we attend. Our home market is the Smoky Lake Farmers’ Market held on Saturdays from 10:00 am until 12:00 pm. The first berry.to hit the markets on the last week of June is the increasingly popular HASKAP. (google haskap info).

U-Pick and custom orders taken on non market days. Please call for arrangements.


We process our berries into jams under our own label and beginning in 2011 under licence with the newly .formed.Northeastern Alberta Food Marketers Association branded label. Beginning in 2011, we will be making .more light jams; (contents will have a greatly reduced amount of sugar and twice as much real fruit flavor)

.For those with a sweet tooth, the Regular or full sugar jams are still available in all varietal flavors. Most of our .berries and all of our cherries have a high acid count that gives them that tarty taste, hence the use of natural sugar..in.our jams. Fort those that do not want or can not use sugar, we make a sugar free (and no we don’t add artificial.sweeteners) whole berry jam in Haskap, Raspberry, Strawberry and Saskatoon flavors.

In season, we (my wife Judy and our helper Evelyn) use fresh berries of the day to make muffins, tarts pies, sticky.buns and cookies. Off season our baked goods are made from frozen or dehydrated berries (we don’t use raisons)..Judy bakes Easter bread (Paska), Christmas bread (Kalach), occasionally buns, specialty breads, the increasingly popular cheese ring bread, and my favorite; Emjay’s cheese rolls (similar to cinnamon buns).

As a result of participating in the Andrew Garlic Festival, we now offer a Sweet and Sour Garlic Relish, (plain or mustard flavored), great on hotdogs, hamburgers, and sandwiches. The Sweet Garlic Jelly makes a tasty appetizer.on.crackers or toast with creamed cheese. Pork roasts, baseted after if it roasted, takes on a sweet taste with a.hint.of garlic flavor.

Pickled Products offered to our market customers include:

  • Spicy and Regular Pickled Eggs
  • Garlic Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers
  • Beet and Horsradish Relish
  • Pickled Beans (for Ceasars)
  • Pickled Garlic with Sweet Peppers
  • Mustard Pickled Relish
  • Cucumber Pickles
  • Pickled Carrots
  • Sauerkraut



Occasionally Offered:

Cabbage Rolls, Nalysnyky (cheese crepes), Cheese Buns and Perogies.

Bear Lake Honey

Pat Flinn & Bill Gibson
Box 254
Smoky Lake, Alberta T0A 3C0

Pat came to the Smoky Lake area in 1978 when she and Bill bought the farm. It was just the type of land they were looking for; good for raising cows and bees. The timing was right as well, as Pat had just finished a horticulture program at Olds College and was able to work for the genetics section at the Pine Ridge Forest Nursery.

Pat began keeping hives for the first time as a student at Olds College. She had taken a course in beekeeping and stayed over the summer to work at the College as the beekeeper, there she had four colonies of her own.

Pat now has around 200 colonies that her husband helps her out with when he ultimately must, there is also a summer student that helps with the honey extraction.

Honey is for sale year round in 1kg, 3kg, 7kg, and 15kg containers.
There is also an option to have your consumer pail filed if brought in during extraction time.

A note from Pat regarding what she loves so much about Bees “Bees are amazingly interesting – and there is always something new to learn about, even after almost 40 years! Honey is such an incredible product that the bees produce totally natural and delicious!”

Pat’s honey is available at:

Smoky Lake Farmer’s Market
Smoky Lake Ag Complex
4612 54 Ave.
Saturdays until Sept. 3rd
10 AM – 12 PM

Lac La Biche Farmer’s Market
Lac La Biche Agricom
Fridays until Sept. 2nd
3 PM – 5 PM

Veggie Village

Very Fresh Vegetables, Berries

Farm located 2km north of Andrew

The Farmer's Corner Market

Box 486 (4909 – 50th Avenue)
Two Hills, Alberta
T0B 4K0
Phone: 780- 657-2985
Fax: 780-657-2965
Email: thefarmerscornermarket | Visit our Facebook Page

We moved to the County of Two Hills in 2001. Our Farm is located 22 kms East of Two Hills and has been chemical free since then. In 2005 we started thinking of growing vegetables for a farmers market in Two Hills, the idea grew, the equipment came and in 2007 we opened The Farmer’s Corner Market in Two Hills.

We now grow approximately 4 acres of mixed vegetables, some of these include 28 variety of potatoes, 4 variety of corn, beets, carrots, squash, gourds, pumpkin, cucumber, zucchini, beans, peas, turrrip, onion and tomatoes of which are offered for sale in our store. Our weeds are hand- picked except where they can be cultivated. A special thanks to neighbours and friends who stop by to visit and pick weeds at the same time as well as Jaime and Sarah for their marketing.

63659_172336182787892_109631579058353_466747_1177809_n1Our corn and potatoe seed are grown from our own organic (non certified) seed and are available for sale in the Spring. We are now retailers for Seed Centre (Edmonton) and Seed Savers (U.S.) and also offer locally grown garlic seed and multiplier onion seed. We accept and sell various products from neighbouring farms in the store.

Our space has expanded since we opened in 2007 and we are now open full time. We offer Pinocchio ice cream and sorbets, individual and lL containers year round. We carry old fashioned candy and are constantly looking for the candy we remember from long ago.

Seasonal vegetables available include zucchini, summer squash, peas, beans, lettuce, dill, corn, onions, beets, carrots, & tomatoes. Potatoes, carrots, onions, pumpkins and winter squash are available throughout the winter months until sold out

Ray and Kelly

Forever Fresh Farms

RR 1 Willingdon, Alberta T0B 4R0
Home: 780-636-3458
Cell: 780-210-2333

Jerry & Nicole Repka

Jerry and Nicole Repka along with their kids and one seasonal worker operate their greenhouse and sell produce from March until September Their list of delicious vine ripened vegetables include string beans, mini and regular long english cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, a variety of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cocktail tomatoes, tomato on the vine, beef steak tomatoes, and a few melons.

Their venture first began in 2006 when they felt their was a desire for local, affordable, quality produce that was not available in the region. At the time they were cattle farming and wanting to diversify so they took advantage of the obvious gap and began looking at other operations to model their greenhouse after.

Things are often very busy at the Repka home as attending four markets a week and supplying two grocery stores keep them hopping! Although it’s not the easiest job Jerry and Nicole get true pride and fulfillment out of producing a quality, local, affordable product. All of their produce is pesticide and spray free, instead they use biocontrol bugs and bumble bees for pollination. Everything is vine ripened, picked and sold fresh.

When asked what keeps them going Jerry and Nicole pause, looked at each other, chuckled, then respond “Honestly, we really love good food, and the customers; we have great customers!”

Their produce is available at:

St. Paul Co-op 42nd st. & 50th ave, St. Paul, Alberta Mon – Fri 9AM – 9 PM
Saturdays 9 AM – 6 PM
Sunday 10 AM – 5 PM
Cold Lake Sobeys 6403 – 51 Street, Cold Lake, Alberta Mon – Fri 9 AM – 9 PM
Sat & Sun 9 AM – 6 PM
Smoky Lake Farmer’s Market Smoky Lake Ag Complex 4612 54 Ave. Saturdays until Sept. 3rd
10 AM – 12 PM
Lac La Biche Farmer’s Market Lac La Biche Agricom Fridays until Sept. 2nd
3 PM – 5 PM
St. Paul Farmer’s Market Rec Center 4802 – 53st Fridays until Sept. 2nd
8:30 AM – 1 PM
Bonnyville Market Beaver River Fish and Game Building
4402 – 54 ave
Tuesdays until Aug. 31st
3 PM – 6:30 PM

Birds & Bees Organic Winery & Meadery

Fruit Salad Organic Winery & Meadery
Box 110 Brosseau, Alberta Canada T0B 0P0
1 (780) 657-2275 Phone


Fruit Salad Organic Winery & Meadery is Alberta’s first and only organic-fruit cottage winery where the Chrapko family have been producing organic fruits and wines for over a decade. You are joining a long, proud tradition of honest, hand-crafted, environmentally friendly food production. And since wine is one of the original, ancient food groups (along with bread), you can’t go wrong!

Raspberry Delight

  • Made with plump, hand-picked fruit grown in the western section of our orchards
  • This slightly drier dessert wine nicely enhances sweet, rich or chocolate desserts without overpowering the tastebuds
  • The perfect accompaniment to cream-based desserts
  • Serve slightly chilled
  • 750ml CSPS Code: 731365
  • 375ml CSPS Code: 731635
  • Available at the farm gate

Mellow Gold Honey

  • Made with honey drawn from our hives. Bees feed on alfalfa, clover and other wild flowers.
  • This slightly sweet wine has the longest fermentation period of all of our varieties
  • Hazy in appearance, ranges in color from clear to a deep yellow
  • Slightly chilled, serve primarily as a dessert wine, matched with chocolate or ice cream.
  • CSPS Code: 726216
  • Available at the farm gate


  • Ranges from gold to rosé depending on the blend of rhubarb varieties in an individual batch.
  • Made from Rheum rhabarbarum (rhubarb) one of the original fruits going back to the time of the pioneers in the province
  • Like the fruit it is made from, this wine is excellent when paired with berry based desserts, or enjoy it on it’s own as a dessert wine
  • Serve slightly chilled
  • Excellent for blending with other fruit wines to make unique presentations
  • CSPS Code: 725971

Adam’s Apple

  • Made from the most predominant fruit from our orchard, with over 15 varieties grown, some specially developed with the University of Saskatchewan
  • The young trees that bear the apples used impart a crisp, clean flavor to the product
  • An excellent accompaniment to pork, chicken and even lean beef
  • Serve slightly chilled
  • CSPS Code: 725972

Saucy Saskatoon

  • This is 2007 vintage- fairly different from last year. Various different varieties of saskatoon beriies blended, resulting in a crisp, red ,dinner fruit wine that has a hint of woodsy flavor.
  • Goes perfectly with red meat
  • Serve room temperature to pair with meats, slightly chilled for an aperitif
  • CSPS Code: 726219

Wild Wild Cherry

  • Made from a blend of berries and wild cherries grown in the orchard. Varieties change with the year and the season.
  • An excellent accompaniment to pork as well as pasta
  • Serve slightly chilled to your preference

Campfire (Strong)

  • Made from several varieties of wild cherries grown on site.
  • The stronger flavor makes it an excellent dinner wine and it goes well with red meats, pork and pasta
  • Best enjoyed at room temperature – even straight from the bottle!
  • CSPS Code: 726217

Green Envy

  • What was a mystery wine is now released. As a “mystery”, it was well received at our wine tasting events, and only two individuals guessed the base.
  • The bouquet is a unique blend of floral, field and “country” Carefully handled organic alfalfa hay mellows into a vibrant aroma and a surprisingly pleasant taste experience.
  • UPC# 729636

All about Fruit Salad Organic Winery & Meadery

Fruit Salad Organic Winery & Meadery has seen its share of “firsts” and “leadership”, enjoying a long and proud history of ethical stewardship of nature’s resources and community development.

Beginning in the 1990s, Vic & Lyz Chrapko set about getting certified in their pursuit of growing an organic orchard, called Orchard Palace. Few people believed that growing fruit on a commercial basis could be accomplished in Northern Alberta!

To help lead the charge toward more environmentally-friendly agriculture in general, and orchards or other small-footprint agriculture practices specifically, Victor became the President of the Alberta Organic Producers’ Association. Victor is also a delegate for the OCIA.

Victor was nominated to the Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame this year. This honor recognizes people who have made significant, lifelong and on-going contributions to one of Alberta’s primary economic and social sectors.

In February, 2006, The en Santé Winery became Alberta’s very first Organic-Fruit, Cottage Winery!

We ask that you enjoy our rich product responsibly–do not drink & drive. And for Heaven’s sake and the sake of your angel, please do not consume alcohol if you are pregnant or nursing. Thank you for your business and please tell others about enSanté!


The Cheesiry

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Home Made Delights

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Food Marketers

Marketers are businesses and associations that support the initiative or purchase food products directly from producers in the region. They include but are not limited to, Restaurants, Catering Companies, Farmers Markets, Government Agencies and more.

If you suport this initiative, please feel free to contact the executive to find out how you can help us achieve our goals.

D.A.C. Catering

D.A.C Catering in St Paul sources as much local product as they can. They are fully supportive of the Local Food movement.


Sobey’s in St Paul is a proud supporter of the NAFMA producers and is open to finding many more.

St. Paul & District Co-op

St Paul & District Co-op in St Paul is a proud supporter of the NAFMA producers and carries products from local producers. They currently carry Vegetables from Forever Fresh Farms and Borscht from Beetnik Borchst.

Big Way Foods

Big Way Foods in Smoky Lake a proud supporter of NAFMA producers and carries products from local producers. They currently carry Honey from Bear Lake Honey.