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Introduction to the Northeast Alberta Food Marketer’s Association (NAFMA)

The Northeast Alberta Food Marketers Association was incorporated on October 6, 2010 as a not- for- profit association.

It is a coordinated effort to ensure that Local Food is readily available to the consumers of the region. We want to ensure that the skill of food production is not lost. We encourage acreage production that can possibly provide a primary or secondary income for the producers. Our hope is to create a large enough user base that we can justify a regional food processing facility in the future.

Our effort will address demands from consumers that are increasingly wanting to know where their food comes from. The Association has worked with Community Futures St Paul – Smoky Lake Region to develop a regional Brand that is Trade Marked and owned by Community futures for the time being. The Brand is a regional identifier only, it does not offer quality guarantees of any kind. Users must sign a license agreement to use the brand. In it they agree that the products being branded were produced, grown or processed in this region.

Our Regional Brand

Our association has been approved to use the Trade Marked Regional Brand that is owned by Community Futures St Paul – Smoky Lake Region.

  • A brand that identifies the Northeast Region of Alberta and its abundant supply of locally grown, raised and processed food.
  • A Campaign to help people make an informed choice when purchasing food for their family.
  • A diversification project that encourages small scale food production at the regional level with the hope that they will support a Regional Food Processing Facility.

“Explore the Bounty of Alberta’s Northeast Region”

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